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Friendly Ghost
Sallie House Ghost
Famous Heartland Ghost
Jesus Like Image Appears in Finland
An amazing new photo from Finland
Paris Ghost
Very Interesting
Haunted Christmas
Ghostly image on Christmas photo
Fire Orb
Strange cemetery photo
Winter Ghost
Three photos
Cave Ghost
Paranormal mist & orbs
Who's That behind Me?
Spooky - Not for the faint hearted
Face In The Window
Spooking photo
Computer Ghost
Strange image

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Can Animals See Ghost?
Interesting question
Little Girl Spirit
Her name is "Jane"
Mirror Ghost
Someone is watching
Evil Wedding Ghost
A Spooky Face
Ghost Creek
3 ghostly images
Kansas Spirit
Graveyard Ghost
Old Graveyard Ghost
Interesting photo
Walking Ghost
Another Interesting photo
Bed Shaking Ghost
Orb and claims of bed shaking

Bright Orb
Appears to be moving
Old Fortress Ghost
From the Island of Crete
Ghost Warning
Interesting Photo
Haunted Cemetery
Who is that man?

Stormy Faces
Strange Photo

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Bodie Ghost Town Ghosts
Photos taken in 1965
Ghost In The Window
Strange image from Italy
Blizzard Ghost
Interesting photo

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