Winter Ghost

Hi my name is Jason Lockridge and I live out in southern california. I took this pic on the 22nd of November but I also took 3 more right after in the same area. I was not breathing or smoking so could you explain?

After looking over your photos, we believe that you indeed have captured paranormal activity.

I took this picture 2 or so seconds after the other one and it came out with again another cloud and yet again I was not smoking or breathing.

The activity seems to be quite strong in your second photo.


Same area a few seconds after the other two pictures and clear as heck, nothing.  Please explain?

I wish we had all the answers for you, but unfortunately we can only see what you do, the activity is gone!

Maybe your snow ball fight scared them off!  

Thanks for sharing your photos with us,  Happy Hauntings, "Ghost Photos From Around The World"

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