Bright Orb

I recently came across your website and I love it.  Iím the Administrative Assistant at a hospital and on April 23, 2005 we put on a variety show at a local high school to raise money for cancer research.  I took many pictures during rehearsal and during the show.  Many orbs showed up, so many that I figured it was dust in the air and wasnít really concerned.  But I do have one that has an orb that I cannot explain.  You can see the lights were dimmed in the theater and I was standing at the top of the stairs using a Fujifilm digital camera.  This orb just jumped out at me not only because it looks like it is vibrating but it is so bright and I cannot figure out any explanation for it.  Maybe you or some other visitors to your website would have some kind of idea.  Thank you.


Thanks for sharing your photo with us. Ghost skeptics use to say orbs were water or chemical spots created during film developing.  Digital cameras have certainly changed that theory!  The brightness of your orb is quite interesting indeed.  It also looks as if the bright orb is vibrating or moving as well.

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