Fire Orb

Hi, I thought I would send you this picture although it was not taken in Tombstone.  It was taken in the Tubac Cemetary here in Arizona.  I would like your opinion.  I took it this summer about ten  to 15 minutes after the sun went down.  It is a picture of my baby sisters grave.  There is a bright orange glow that no one can explain to me.  I even showed it to a professional photographer and she could only shake her head.  I have also enclose my grandma's grave, which is right next to it for comparison.  There wasn't anything that could put that glow.

I took the picture with a Samsung 2.0 Megapixel Digimax digital camera.  I took about 30 pictures all thru the cemetery until it was a bit dark but nothing came out on the others.  My sister died as an infant of Croup back in 1962 and I often go and visit just to leave her flowers and "talk" if I feel a need to.  When I took the picture, I was alone in the cemetery.   I have often (too often) taken pictures with orbs in them, but I just blow them off because someone told me that all orbs are dust.  The photographer I showed this picture told me it looked like it was something giving off energy and could not explain.  I use both 35mm and digital cameras to take different pictures anywhere and everywhere, except for Tombstone.  On a recent trip to Tombstone, my digital camera would not turn on.  I changed the batteries and nothing.  I thought it was broken.  I used the 35mm.  When we left Tombstone and were passing thru Benson, my digital camera turned on.  Who knows?  Thanks for replying.

Hope you can explain. Thank you. Mary Ellen Solares

Mary Ellen -

Thank you for sharing your photo with us. It's definitely a very strange cemetery photo. We have not seen anything quite like this before. We're also not quite sure what to think just yet. Since you were using 35mm and not digital, we can't count out the possibility of a burn mark on the film. But you never know it could very well be an orb making a heated appearance!  It will be interesting to see what other think?

Thanks, Ghost Photos From Around The World

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