Sallie House Ghost

The Kansas Paranormal Group has spent almost 100 hours at this location in Atchison, Kansas. This is the infamous house that was the subject of the cable movie;" Sightings: The Heartland Ghost". Best known as the "Sallie" house it achieved celebrity status when it was featured on the "Sightings" television program. This featured a young man that was living in the house at the time being attacked by an unseen assailant. The scratches to him appeared while filming of the television program which prompted investigators to come study the house. Our group has not encountered any attacks but has recorded many unique and interesting EVP's. The "orb" that is seen in the upper bedroom window was actually captured by one of our team members, Troy, while he was taking a break from the inside session. This occurred during the Spring Equinox.

Jerry Talbert

Thanks for sharing your photo with us Jerry.  Past paranormal history of particular locations make photos like this very interestings.

Happy Hauntings, "Ghost Photos From Around The World"

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