Walking Ghost

Just thought you might like to see this picture taken in summer 2004.

The first was on a sponsored walk in aid of cancer research. I am the woman in the yellow shirt and pink cap, the girl is my neice Sarah. We were amazed when we downloaded this photo. We were doing the walk in memory of my sister and Sarah's mum, Jane, who had died a few months before. We feel that the bright light beside me is Jane doing the walk with us. There were no overhead lights and no one else taking photos at that point at all, also there are three wonderful orbs in the pic.

                     Hope you like it as much as us?  Sharon (Skipton, North Yorkshire, England)

Sharon -

Paranormal photos alone are strange enough, but when they're taken an a event that has so much meaning to you, it really makes you think and wonder?

Thanks for sharing your photo with us, Ghost Photos From Around The World.

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