Ghost In The Window

hi mi name is christopher santoro im bringing this photo to your attention becaus i think you site is the most spooky on the internet there fore you might be able to give me your apinion on weathe the photo attached is of a ghost or not. My mother took this photo when she was in italy its of a pot shop but in the window is a figure when i scaned the picture in and looked at it closely ther was a clear image of a person with there hand on there face i was told the shop was open at the time the photo was taken but the person is transperant a photo taken erlier showed nothing. you decide :)

Chistopher -

Thank you for sharing your photo with us.  Looking at the left hand side of the window we see what your writing about.  Is this a ghost or a reflection off the window?  The jury is still out on this one, but your photo is very interesting.   

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Thank you for sharing your photo with us.

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