Paris Ghost

While on a trip to Paris last February, I took this photo of the hall at the Villa La Roche, my husband is a very big Le Corbusier fan and so we went along to have a look at his home.

However, when we got the film developed, I kept looking at this one and especially at the window to the left of the middle (outside looking in). At first I thought it was a painting like the 'Scream' painting in the other room but looking up closer it appears to be either the outline of a woman standing at the window. There only three other people in the house, but I always made sure none of them were in sight when I took the photos - what do you guys think?

Jill - London

Jill -

Wow... this is a VERY interesting ghost photo!  We enlarged the part of the photo in question (above) so everyone could get a better look.  Yes, it looks like a young girl with pig tails in the window. We believe you that nobody else was in the house, this photo is fascinating.  Different from the many orbs that we receive, it appears that this spirit has materialized, which is rare to say the least.

It would be interesting to know if this house has any type of history that pertains to a little girl?

This photo is most fascinating to yourself because you know for certain that noboby else was around when you shot it.

Thanks for sharing your photo with us, Ghost Photos From Around The World.

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