This first picture is the original.
I wonder if I can get an opinion from you on this picture that was taken on April 28, 1984 at around mid-day.  I know the exact time and date because it was before my first marriage.  This picture was taken in the kitchen of our house which had unexplained occurrences ever since we moved it when we were kids.

The second is a b/w enlargement of the same picture in order
to show what I saw in the camera flash mark on the door.
If you hold the enlargement up with your thumb over the brightest
part of the flash, you can see the rest of the face quite clearly.

The third is my sketch over the original blow up in order
for you to see what I believe is in the picture.  Although the sketch
over in my opinion takes away from the evil I clearly and definitely see in the picture.

Thanks for you time, PV

Spooky photos for your wedding day indeed.  Photos like this can haunt you forever, so relax and keep believing that's it probably just an odd reflection from the flash!  I will say the photo is really spooky, look really close and it looks like the bald headed face is dripping blood from his left eye.

It will be interesting to see what others think?, Thanks for sharing your photos with us.

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