Blizzard Ghost


 I came across your website and was wondering if you could explain this photo. It was taken in the blizzard of 2003. At first I thought maybe it was cigarette smoke, but It just seems to large for that.
There is probably a perfectly good explanation for this photo, but I've always wondered about it.

Awaiting Reply,  Sandy

Sandy -

Thank you for sharing your photo with "Ghost Photos From Around The World."  Sometimes no explanation is what makes a photo like this very interesting to say the least.  Because of the blizzard type of conditions one would think first of fog, however this really doesn't look like your typical fog, it's too dense in a very small area.  We see what appears to be lights through the white mist, but they don't look like orbs to us.  Is this paranormal activity?  We can't say for certain, but it very well could be, it's  an interesting photo, thanks again for sharing it with us.

Happy Hauntings.

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