Friendly Ghost

I have always felt something odd here..and have captured many orbs and ectos in my photos, but this one has been the best.  No one was smoking and it was not cold enough to for breath.  The only thing I have done to this photo is lighten it just a little for the figure to show up.  I have never feared it.  At night, i have felt my hair or clothing tugged, or heard strange noises.  Whatever it may be, it means no harm.

Unbelievable!....  The image you captured looks like Casper The Friendly Ghost!  I know you didn't say that in your emai to us, but we saw it right off!  When we downloaded your photo we saw that you had named your photo "Casp".  It will be interesting to see if others quickly see Casper like we did.    

Thanks for sharing your this very cool photo with us. Very strange indeed.

Happy Hauntings, "Ghosts Of Tombstone"

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