Jesus Like Image
Appears in Finland

Hello. This very strange photo was taken on 11th of March 2005 in Helsinki Finland by a friend with digital camera, while walking our dog in the nearby park. My friend actually took a series of photos and when shooting this one; noticed the strange formations right away and thought that it was a particle in lens and took more pictures that do not contain the strange formation like in this shoot. There was no fog or smoke present and they did not smoke. There was no snow falling. The old building behind is said to have a ghost. I used the photoshop shadow/highlight filter to bring the detail with default settings.  Kimmo

Kimmo -

Wow, we find your photo to be truly amazing. The energy above the man with the dog has materialized into a face that appears to be looking down towards them. What's truly amazing is how much the face resembles that of Jesus Christ.  Beleive it or not, we had a tough time deciding what we would title this photo. We certainly don't want anyone to be offended by our imagination, observations and opinions, including the man himself up stairs. We simply feel the face resembles Jesus. Look closely and see what you think?

Thanks for sharing this amazing photo with us, Ghost Photos From Around The World.

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