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Haunted Saloon Advertising

The worlds first "Live" Internet western "Haunted Saloon" is a "Live" video webcast that is quicky pioneering it's
way to the top of the entertainment industry. "It's like watching close circut TV from the old west" says a fan of
the show.

"Were streaming a "Live" old west show to people that have never seen cowboys before, how cool is that" says
Terry Ike Clanton the shows director and executive producer who is also a cousin of the Clanton's of OK Corral gunfight fame.
 "We now have viewers in all 50 states and 93 countries" says associate producer Bruce Flanders.
With over 400,000 views of past show video clips since February 9, 2007, the show is fast becoming a hit.

We would like to talk to network executives and corporote sponsors that want to take us to the next level of the open
range of the 21st centrury. Thank you for your continued support.

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