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Before I tell you some of the most bizzare TRUE personal stories, let me explain that what I'm about to tell you might totally freak some people out, so make sure your wits and faith is in check before you read on.  I consider myself an intelliegent person that is very curious, skeptical, but open minded on the subject of ghosts and spirits.  I have taken photographs where unexplained figures have shown up on the negatives and prints, but thats still not the same as witnessing a ghost in person. On the night of August 28 & 29, 1997, I witnessed something that I have never been able to explain.  I would have to consider this one of the most bizzare things that has ever happened to me. Yes, I witnessed a ghost in person.

Please believe that I rationalized with myself looking for a logical answer to what I had experienced for two years before I went back in 1999 with a film crew during the filming of a documentary. And yes, it happened again, and again.

All right enough said... enjoy the "The Ghost Stories of Tombstone"...  Ike

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Tombstone Ghost Stories

The Rock House 1997
Witnessing a ghost in person

Boot Hill Ghost
Psychic explains his theory of photo

The Bird Cage Ghosts
Most haunted building in Tombstone

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