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What I know about your picture
By Greg Bible

  Scary Boot Hill Photo

I'm a ghost chaser & psychic who doesn't always appreciate my ability or
feel the need to share it in a public forum. I lead a support group for
traumatised victims of parapsychological activity and have studied this
picture quite thoroughly.

Here is what I have felt:

After reading Ike's comment of July 04' I mostly agree with his vision but
have a few different feeling as to the reason the figure has appeared.

For one - I am being told that the man in the photograph is a woman! She
died under the guise of man hood and now roams the land of the living
searching for gold (admission to heaven) - not a horse. As was a customary
belief, which this poor woman obviously took to heart, certain sins could be
overlooked if enough gold was presented at the pearly gates.

What she is holding in her hand is actually not a knife, it's a carrot! Her
final meal before she fell to her death from the first level balcony at the
local Saloon: Drunk - posing as a man..

I know it all sounds weird and far fetched but have you ever heard a ghost
story that isn't ? Think about it.


actually not a knife, it's a carrot!

More ghost stories coming soon.

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