The World Saw Evil
Poem written by Terry Ike Clanton
Sept 11, 2001

The world saw evil
Crashing the Trade Towers with hate
Now God and the strongest nation in the world
Hold those evildoers fate

Taking a stand is our American call
To fight terrorism worldwide
Protecting the freedom
Of the greatest country of all

Itís not going to be easy
To rid the world of evil acts
But justice will be served
And thatís the facts

We're sending our powerful troops
To a very unstable land
So Please God watch over them
With your helping hand

We will win this fight
Against terrorism
Because God knows
We stand for what is right

United we stand
Divided we fall
So be wise with your choice
And rise with America
Above it all

God Bless America!

Written by:
Terry Ike Clanton
September 2001©

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