"The Town Too Haunted To Die"


After two incredible nights in Tombstone that I will never forget, I sat down and wrote what happened.  I know it will be very hard for some of you to believe me, but I am telling you the honest to God truth, this really happened. Not only that, it has happened many times since.  I started the "Ghosts of Tombstone" web site in 1996 as a number one skeptic about ghosts and their existence.  Then I snapped that incredible ghost photo of my buddy in Boothill Graveyard.  Then weird stuff starting happening to me in Tombstone.  Some stuff I have never told anyone, because they would think I'm crazy and send me to the loony farm.

My visit to the infamous Tombstone Rock House in August of 1997 did it for me.  Now ask me if I believe in ghosts?  You bet I do!!

I published the details of those two incredible nights in Tombstone as the first Ghost Story of Tombstone.

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To answer a lot of email questions we've been receiving lately... Yes, we will have another late night Tombstone Ghost Tour on Saturday night during our 12th annual Clanton Days November 17-19, 2005. Last year was another  amazing Ghost Tour, everyone seemed to be capturing ghost photos and orbs. You really don't want to miss this years Tombstone Ghost Tour.

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Until next time, thank you and happy hauntings, Ike

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