The life and times of...

 PHIN CLANTON 1843 - 1905

"Phin" is born...


Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton and his wife Mariah have there second son. Phineas Fay Clanton, simply known as "Phin," was born in Callaway County, Missouri.


Six year old Phin Clanton moves with his family to Adams County, Illinois.


Eight year old Phin Clanton moves with his family to Texas.


Now twenty years old, Phin moves with his family to Fort Bowie, Arizona Territory.


Phin moves with the family to San Buena Ventura, California. Phinís mother Mariah dies on the way to California.


Now 24 years old, Phin Clanton is living in Lone Pine, California with his oldest brother John Wesley and his wife Nancy.


Phin Clanton moves back to Arizona to help his family with Clantonville, a farming community created by his father Newman H. Clanton.


Phin moves down on the San Pedro River , up river from the town of Charleston, Arizona Territory.


Phin who is now 32 years old, helps his father build a large Adobe house near Lewis Springs, about five miles south of Charleston. This would become known as the Clanton Ranch.


Phin is still living in the Lewis Springs ranch house, near Charleston, working as a Freight driver.

August 13, 1881

Phinís father Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton is murdered in Guadalupe Canyon, New Mexico. He was buried where he fell.

October 26, 1881

Phins little brother Billy is murdered by the Earps and Doc Holliday in a vacant lot behind the OK Corral. Phin was not in Tombstone when the gunfight took place.

October 28, 1881

Phins brother Billy is Buried in the Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone, Arizona Territory.

December 28,1881

Tombstone Police chief Virgil Earp is ambushed while crossing fifth street in Tombstone. He would survive the attack, but was crippled for life in his left arm. Phin and his brother Ike, were both arrested for this attack, but witnesses confirmed that they were both in Charleston, some 12 miles away when the shooting took place.

Phin re-buries his father...


Phin Clanton and his brother Ike travel to Guadalupe Canyon, exhumed their fathers body and re-bury him in the Boothill Graveyard, next to his youngest son Billy, who was murdered in the famous OK Corral gunfight, October 26, 1881.

November 23, 1882

Phineas Fay "Phin" Clanton registers to vote in Cochise County.

Late 1882

Phin and Ike Clanton move two hundred miles north of Tombstone to Apache County, Arizona. Phin and Ike both acquired 160 acres in an area known as Cienega Amarilla. There little sister Mary Elsie lived near by in Springerville with her husband Ebin Stanley, who began working in the cattle business with Phin and Ike.

July 7, 1883

Phin Clanton and Ebin Stanley are indicted by a grand jury for cattle rustling. The accuser said that the two illegally branded one calf with there "PU" brand. The two were arrested, the trial took place and they were both found NOT guilty.

December 27, 1885

During the night, the Apache County treasurerís office safe was broken into and itís entire contents stolen. Deputy treasurer Francisco Baca claimed that masked robbers came to his house, took him down to the treasurerís office and made him open the safe. He claimed he knew the robbers, they were Phin and Ike Clanton, Ebin Stanley and Lee Renfro of Springerville, and Mr. buck Henderson of St. Johns. The men were taken into custody, immediately place bonds and it went to trial. The court found that ex-treasurer Francisco Baca concocted the whole story himself. Ultimately Baca was found guilty of embezzling $11,166.54.

Phin sentenced to 10 years in Prison...

September 1887

Phin Clanton is convicted on one indictment of grand larceny. He is sentenced to ten years in the Yuma Arizona State Prison.

October 7, 1887

Phin arrives at the Yuma prison to start serving a ten year sentence.

Phin is pardoned...

March 15, 1889

After serving one year and five months of a ten year prison sentence, Phin Clanton is pardoned by Governor Meyer Zulick. It was found that the main witness against Phin lied on the stand to collect a two hundred and fifty dollar reward!

Phin is released from prison...

March 24, 1889

Phin Clanton is released from the Yuma prison.

Phin starts a goat ranch...


After his release from prison, Phin Clanton and his friend Peter Spencer begin working as business partners raising goats on Phinís ranch in Globe, Arizona.

Phin reads about his own death!


A Clifton newspaper reporter wrote that Phin Clanton was shot and killed by Ballard Peason at St. John. No particulars. It must have been a real shock for Phin to read about his own death!

Phin arrested for robbery...

May 15, 1894

Phin Clanton is indicted on a robbery charge. The charge was for assault upon a China man named Sam Kee. Kee claims that Phin Clanton robbed him of a gold watch valued at $40, two bars of silver bullion, each valued at $15, one gold bracelet, valued at $20 and $320 in money.

Phin found NOT Guilty!


Phin Clanton was found not guilty by a jury on robbery charges and released.

Phin gets hitched...

October 15, 1902

Phin Clanton marries Laura Jane Neal in Globe, Arizona.

Phin Dies...

January 5, 1905

Phin Clanton dies at the age of 61 in Webster Springs, Gila County, Arizona. Phin is buried in the Globe Cemetery.

April 2, 1910

Phin Clantonís widow Laura Jane marries his best friend and business associate Peter Spencer.


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