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If your knowledge of Tombstone history has been from watching Hollywood
movies, you need to hear the Clanton's side of the story...

Ike Clanton tells it like it is, the truth about the Clanton's of Tombstone.

They called themselves "the cowboys"

Old Man Clanton  /  Phin Clanton   /  Ike Clanton  /  Billy Clanton  /  John RingoCurly Bill Brocius Tom and Frank McLaury  /  Pete Spence
A complete chronological time line of Clanton family history
The Clanton family before and after Tombstone

Brief Clanton Family Pedigree Chart
Ike's relation to the Clanton's of Tombstone

Ike Clanton Reburial "My quest to emulate a family tradition"
Ike's been working on this for years, but things are cookin' again.

It happened in Tombstone...

What really happened behind the OK Corral?
A must read for all Tombstone history buffs

...Wyatt Earp's Written Testimony Re-visited
Wyatt's written statement re-visited by Ike

Ike Clanton Court Testimony Re-visited
Ike re-visits his cousins court testimony

Marshal Fred White
 The shooting of the Marshal explained

Whiskey of the Old West
 What was behind the bar of the saloon?

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The Truth is Coming...
More Re-Visited Tombstone History

The Clanton's old stoppin' grounds...

Tour Tombstone Arizona
Take an online tour of Tombstone

Tour Charleston Arizona
The town that was tougher than Tombstone

Visit the famous Clanton Ranch
The legend continues

Ike's Online Resume
Ike's acting resume

More Related Stuff...

Ike's response to the movie Tombstone
Would you like to see Tombstone II?

Wyatt Earp Caught Pimping?
Pimpin' ain't easy!

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