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Before & after the Ok Corral gunfight, what really went down!

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Welcome to Truth or Tombstone

The saga begins March 16, 1881 - Armed & Nervous

Wyatt Earp' s deal with Ike Clanton

Sheriff Johnny Behan gets Big Nose Kate to blow the whistle on Doc Holliday

Newspaper reports keep the Tombstone towns people pretty well informed.

After some witness intimidation Kate changes her story and doesn't remember anything.

The night before the OK Corral gunfight October 25, 1881 Doc Holliday thrreatens Ike Clanton

The morning of the OK Corral gunfight October 26, 1881

Truth ot Tombstone Will be Continued... Stay Tuned !

The truth is finally coming out!

Terry Ike Clanton & John Gilbert (aka Wyatt Earp) discuss the moments before the gunfight.

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