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Then And Now

Every ranch has a story. This Ranch has a legacy.

1873 The Legacy begins...

In 1873, the original Clanton Ranch was founded in southern Arizona Territory by Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton (pictured above left) The ranch was located about 13 miles due south of the town of Tombstone, and about 2 miles south east of the town of Charleston. Over the years their have been quite alot of controversy surounding the exact location of the original Clanton Ranch until now!

During the 5th annual Clanton Days Rendezvous on November 19, 1998, Terry Ike Clanton led a group of about 20 people on a crueling hike along the San Pedro River in search of the remains of the original Clanton Ranch. After searching the area throughly, the group found the location that they are convinced is the actual location.


Terry Ike Clanton (left) in 1998, standing with the last remaining wall of the old Clanton Ranch located along the San Pedro River, about 13 miles south of Tombstone Arizona.


Look carefully at the base of the trees (left) and you'll see the old gate which was once the entrance to the corrals at the old Clanton Ranch along the San Pedro River. The house stood on a slight hill to the left of this photo about 25 yards.


Looking south east from the old Clanton Ranch house. Located on this slight hill, the Clantons could see for miles if un-wanted intruders or friendly visitors were coming toward the ranch.

The Clanton Ranch Legacy Continues...

Elmer Clanton (pictured at left) was from the old school when it came to protecting his property!  Elmer Clanton, born December 1, 1892 operated as a horse trader on the Clanton Ranch in Victorville California till his death September 24, 1981 at the ripe old age of 89.

"I can remember the first time I met my uncle Elmer, we almost got shot!" says Terry Ike Clanton. We were in the Victorville California area one evening and my father said "let's go by and see your uncle Elmer". When we drove onto his property, my father pointed the headlights at Elmers little house and honked the horn on the truck. Moments later, a little old man came out the front door, pointed a double barrel shotgun at our windshield and yelled "Who goes there?" My dad yelled back "It's me, Carl, Carl Clanton". Elmer then drop the shotgun to his side and invited us into his house! Don't get me wrong, he was thrilled to see us, I just don't think ol' Elmer had very many late night visitors that ment well! As long as I live, I will never forget that look on my uncle Elmers face when he came out the front door with that shotgun!.

Terry Ike Clanton pictured with his uncle Elmer Clanton on the Clanton Ranch in Victorville California in 1979.

A little weather beatin' but one hellva a cowboy was Elmer Clanton!

Elmers brother Floyd Clanton (Terry Ike Clantons grandfather)  was also a pretty tough cowboy, seen here working his team of  8 mules!  Can you imagine how long it took to harness up and get ready to plow the fields?.  This photo of Floyd Clanton was taken near Ontario California.

Clanton Family Reunion -

(Pictured left) is Terry Ike Clanton's personal horse "Bud".

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