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Arizona / California. (Est. 1873)

Every ranch has a story. This ranch has a legacy.

The famous Clanton Ranch was founded in Southern Arizona in 1873 by Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton. Originally located along the San Pedro River, it didn't take long before this horse and cattle ranch quickly became the home of the most famous cowboys in the west, known today as the cowboys.

Selling horses and cattle as a business, "Old Man" Clanton hired many ranch hands that have become true Western Legends of the Old West. Notorious names like... Ike Clanton (pictured above left) Johnny Ringo, Curly Bill Brocius, Pete Spence, Frank & Tom McLaury, Joe Hill and more, all worked for the Clanton Ranch. It's also been rumored that the famous William Bonney (aka) "Billy the Kid" even worked for the Clantons' in about 1873, before he headed for New Mexico.

The Clanton Family Legend Continues...

Today, the Clanton Ranch is headed by actor / entertainer, Terry "Ike" Clanton, a fourth generation cousin of it's original founder Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton. As an actor, Terry "Ike" Clanton is best known for his co-starring role in the award winning special "Showtime at the OK Corral" that aired in conjunction with the feature movie "Tombstone". Clanton has also been featured on Entertainment Tonight, appeared on numerous television shows and commercials. See resume

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