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Bob Tadlock

By Bob Tadlock

His name was wild George
He was a rodeo'n fool
When he rode out on his horse
All of the girls thought he was cool
But George he had one problem
That was drinking lots of beer
But how that boy could ride
He was the man that showed no fear

The time had come for Texas
And the bull ride championship
Old George was by his pick-up
Putting bottles to his lip
He had drank so many
He couldn't even scratch his ear
But how that boy could ride
He was the man that showed no fear

The cowboys took their turns
Then they all just had a seat
Although they all rode hard
They knew George was the man to beat
He sucked down his last bottle
And his vision wasn't clear
But how that boy could ride
He was the man that showed no fear

George come up a staggering
And had himself a seat
But he got on the wrong bull
That's right, he got on angry Pete
The others tried to stop him
Thinking Georges time was near
But how that boy could ride
He was the man that showed no fear

Pete finally shook him off
And tore poor George all up
It would be his last rodeo
But he won the bull ride cup
The funeral was short and sad
The cowboys toasted George with beer
Cause how that boy could ride
He was the man that showed no fear

By Bob Tadlock
Inspired by the old ten gallon hat days of the west.

Well I woke up this morning
Showered and combed my head
I made myself some coffee
With some eggs and toasted bread
Got in my old pick-up truck
And I let those tires scream
Gonna buy a bottle of liquor
And have a ten gallon dream

When I got to the liquor store
Saw a robbery going on in there
But I wanted me a bottle, boy
So I went in without a care
The gunman turned to face me
One punch took him out it seems
I said, Don't get in the way of my liquor
And my ten gallon dream

The owner gave me free whiskey
And I started down the road
Just when I got close to home
I saw someone I owed
He said, Son just keep your money
I'll take that bottle of Jim Beam
I said, You're not getting my liquor boy
That's for my ten gallon dream

So I made it to the farmhouse
And walked in my front door
Then I thought about that ruckus
And how my hand was sore
But I sat down in my easy chair
And turned on the TV screen
Then I drank my bottle of liquor
And had my ten gallon dream

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Who is Bob Tadlock?


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July 2004

James West

By James West

I found a place
of fresh water fountains,
green mountain firs
on snow covered

A place where only the bear
and mountain lion roam,
where the elk run free
in their high mountain

The low lands paint
a different glory
harsh rolling hills
is the prairies

Tumble weed
on and endless journey,
yet buffalo survive
in this part of nature

A smile to me,
is always brought to hand,
the wild and the beauty
of this Idaho

By James West

The wild wild spirit
Takes me down,
The snow in its bright harshness,
The wind,
In its invisible thrown.

The road never ending,
The rock imprisoned ground,
Of the valley trying hard to kill,
This hard, invincible man.

I wore the halo,
Like God handed down,
Wore it as a lawman,
Bringing peace,
Throughout the bad lands.

But I gunned a man down in Rio,
And not with any law given plan,
Just gunned the man down in Rio,
Cause he took my woman from my hand.

Now I am the hunted lost soldier,
Fighting a one man cause,
I gunned many a man down as sheriff,
And many more,
Now on the wrong side, of the law.

The last I took down
Were bounty hunters,
Facing me, three in all,
But I was quick to fan my peacemaker,
And one by one,
I witnessed them fall.

Now I made my escape into the desert,
A burning dry place, better now as hell,
But the posse long since gave up following,
And my horse and hour since died and fell.

Now just me in this hell with the devil,
And there ain't no worsenin place,
For the cowboy who lost his halo,
Over a woman,
I had fallen from grace

By James West

I am the guitar man from Kentucky
And I play my lonesome trail tunes
I played the song of the Yankees
And whistled Dixie to my guitar

I rode clear across the Dakotas
And played in Wyoming too
Sung songs to the folk in Nebraska
And Colorado enjoyed my guitar

Rode the Great Plains of Kansas
Braced the north of Oklahoma and Texas with my
Rode East to west of New Mexico
And gave Arizona a taste of my sung travelin

Utah salt-lake city
Brought new songs clear to my mind,
The Nevada's burning desert
The Snake River
Oregon's fresh river song.

The Washington state prairies summer burning
The wind and dust could cut a man in two,
The welcome of the Idaho mountains
Where I sung to the bears and a few cougars

I ended my travels in Montana
Where a man like me can rest a while,
Kentucky tunes plaid out beneath the big sky
I reckon the stars are dancin to my

Copyright © 2004
All Rights Reserved

Who is James West?

hi my name is James West. i am pretty new here from England, trying to follow a writing career here in the States enjoyed reading through your site and hope you like these poems i wrote. the first a place i wrote cause its the feeling i felt when i got to Idaho. a cowboys tale is one of those writings that come to you from nowhere, and the Kentucky guitar man was one thought up whilst on my travels recently down to Missouri with my partner who studies genealogy and was looking up relatives down that way. hope you enjoy

Many thanks James

-2004 All Rights Reserved