On Location with Terry Ike Clanton

Photo's from the "Way Out West" television episode of "SLIDERS"


Shot on the back lot of Universal Studios in Hollywood California, these are photos
from the "Way Out West" episode of "Sliders" that aired on the "Sci-Fi" Channel
Summer of 1998. We had some fun with captions to make things interesting.

Still photos below...

Sliders Star Kari Wuhrer (who plays Maggie Beckett) is pictured with actor Terry Ike Clanton
  Below are photos from a television episode of Sliders shot on the back lot at Universal Studios. Again we had creative fun wih the captions to make them interesting. Your comments are appreciated.

Actors Pete Sherayko and Terry Ike Clanton on the set of "Sliders"

Does anyone know of a good Dentist?
Terry Ike Clanton and a "Sliders" bad guy... both show off their wild lookin' (movie) teeth!

Besides "Jaws" and "King Kong"... you just never know what other animal you might see on the Universal Studios Tour!

On the set of "Sliders" actor Marshall Teague shows off Terry Ike Clanton's latest cowboy poetry tape!

The "Way Out West" episode of "Sliders" will air on the "Sci-Fi" Channel
Approx. air-date - Summer of 1998

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