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Gunfighter Test
How do you rate?
History of Boot Hill Graveyard
How they died & more...

Wyatt Earp Caught Pimping!
Check out the latest discovery

Ringos Body Moved to California?
Lost history or simply folklore?

AT&T Television Commercial is now airing!
Exclusive photos from the set

Same legend, different horses...

Tombstone Discussion
Ask Ike a question?

OK Corral "Live" Chat Room
Join the nightly fun

A Written Message from Ike
Terry Ike Clanton's up-dated message

What's New!

Eulogize Ike Clanton for the first
time 115 years after his death!

Ike's Photos from the Set
AT&T Television Commercial

Everybody Hates Me!
Ike's email featured in True West Magazine

Special features Pages...

Tombstone II
Original screenplay by Terry Ike Clanton

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Free Monthly Old West Social Gatherings
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Ike Clanton Then & Now
See any similarities?

Q & A with Terry Ike Clanton
The Clantons side of the story

Tombstone, Facts, Finds & Fakes
You'll be surprzed at what you'll learn in here!

Tombstone Cartoons
 Check at our new cartoons!

Terry Ike Clanton's response to the movie Tombstone
 Historically correct? or just another fictional movie?

Ike's Old West Card Trick
 Wow...this is amazing, try it!

Tombstone Film Festival - July 6-8, 2001
Photo page of this great event!

My Quest to Emulate A Family Tradition
The city of Tombstone refuses to bury one of it's most famous cowboys.
Plus, the complete story about finding Ike Clanton's long lost grave in 1996.

The Lost Tombstone Photos
Photos from the old Tough Nut Mine Tour

Ike Clanton's High Roller Club
Bone Shakers!

The Clanton Ranch, Then & Now
Special photos, The legacy continues

Virgil Earps House Fire
Special photo page

Photos from the Set - Sliders
Television show on the Sci-fi Channel

Photos From The Set - VIVRE Television Commercial
Japanese TV commercial featuring Terry Ike Clanton

Tombstone Clanton Days Archives

The 5th annual Clanton Rendezvous 1998 (photo page)
Yes... we had a great time in 1998, join us in 1999

The 6th annual  Clanton Rendezvous 1999 (Photo Page)
Yes... we had another great time in 1999, join us in 2000

The 7th annual Clanton Days Rendezvous 2000 (Photo)
Yes... we had another great time in 2000, check out out bike ride!

The 8th annual Tombstone Clanton Days 2001 (Photo Page)
Yes... we had another great time in 2001

The 9th annual Tombstone Clanton Days 2002 (Photo Page)
Yes... we had another great time in 2002, check out the ghost tour!

The 11th annual Tombstone Clanton Days 2004 (Photo Page)
Yes... we had another great time in 2004!  Wow 11 years now!


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