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“There's two sides to every story. The world deserves to see the other side of this one.”

"Tombstone II" is registered with the Writers Guild Of America.

Writing “Tombstone II” is a life long dream come true.  I am very passionate about my first spec screenplay because it’s the untold story of my family, the Clantons. For many years Hollywood movies have made the Clantons, especially Ike Clanton, out to be Wyatt Earps fall guy, nothing more than a drunken scumbag cow thief that hasn’t had a bath in three months. Reality is much different, justice is coming alright, its called “Tombstone II”

I could have named this screenplay lots of things, but “Tombstone II” is very fitting. Theirs two sides to every story, the world deserves to see
the other side of this one!

My motivation to get this screenplay done has never stopped.  I started with an historically correct 100 page chronological outline that was to become my first book titled “Wyatt Earps Worst Nightmare, The Memoirs of Ike Clanton”. Once I completed this outline, I wanted more. I want to first bring my story to the silver screen, then release Ike’s memoirs as a book.  Everyone must dream, and my dream is alive and well!

I know this story so well, the characters began coming to life for me.  At one stage I was working twelve to eighteen hour days because I was so involved in the script that I couldn’t stop. The phone would ring and it would literally scare the hell out of me!

People in Hollywood say, "write what you like and know about" so I did just that. After approximately four months, I finished the first draft of the

As I continue to polished my screenplay with re-writes, I'm interested in talking with investors, executive producers, studios executives, and A list actors that would like to be involved in this project.

My web site generates thousands of hits a day, so the fan base for this movie is already established and in forward gear.

Special Thanks goes out to everyone that has sent me email letters of encouragement, including Kurt Russell. Kurt Russell's 1998 letter below was what inspired and motivated me to write this screenplay.

I'm currently seeking an "A List Actor" to help me move this future film project forward.

Best Regards, Terry Ike Clanton

(Letter originally dated Feb. 2, 1998)


It sounds like you've got an interesting idea there. It's true that not all Hollywood productions focus on both sides of the story, but hey, every now and then there's one or two that focus on either both sides or the lesser known point of view. Look at "Tora! Tora! Tora!" or maybe even "Dances With Wolves". These movies try to show at least to some degree the lesser appreciated point of view. I'm glad you enjoyed Tombstone. I'd just like to emphasise that while I may play a certain role in a production, that does not entirely demonstrate prejudice on my part toward the character depicted in that role. It's true that ethically, there are some roles I've turned down simply because they were neither edifying or entertaining, but that's on very rare occasion. Most of my roles I've taken were just for fun. I have no particular prejudice toward the Earp familie's side of this story, it's just the one that's had the biggest box office appeal for the longest time. I'd like to see your idea come to fruition. It sounds like the intentions behind it are good. Unfortunately I don't have much say as to what kind of offers I get or script ideas, unless I choose to write and direct something myself. Who knows...maybe I'll do just that. And I'd just like to say that you're never too old to act! Maybe we'll work along side one another someday. In the meantime, keep that dream alive!



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