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"Live" Old West - OK Corral Chat Room
You never know who you might find verbally shooting it out in the OK Corral

Tombstone Chamber of Commerce
Chamber of Commerce

Steve Gatto's Historical Tombstone Page
Tombstone history

Wyatt Earp, A Biography of the Legend
A new non-fiction book by Lee A. Silva

B.J.'s Tombstone History Discussion Forum'
Tombstone history discussions

The McLaury Brothers of Tombstone
 The history fact and legend of Frank & Tom McLaury

Tombstone "The Movie"
If you liked the movie, you'll love this site!

A Taste Of Tombstone
Sherry Monaham's hearty helping of history

Tailings of Old Tombstone
The Bird Cage Theatre

Wyatt Earp Historical Homepage
By Nick J. Swinhart

The Larian Motel
A Tombstone motel

The man who look like Wyatt Earp
Old west reenactor Bill Burns web site

The Soapy Smith Preservation Trust
Home of the friends of badman "Soapy" Smith and
managed by Jeff Smith,  great-grandson.


CowPokin' Fun
cowboy poetry, humor & fun

cowboy poetry


Cavavan West Productions
Home of the Buckaroos

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Asssociation
The nations fastest growing equestrian sport

Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
The Official web-site of Roy and Dale

The Gunfighter Zone
The name says it all!

Western Outlaw and Lawmen History Assoc.
A group dedicated to the history of the old west.

Cowboys & Indians
The premier magazine of the west

Single Action Shooting Society
If you're in to old west style shooting this is the place for you!

The Wild Wild West
Outlaws, Marshalls and more...

Billy the Kid Outlaw Gang
History of the famous Outlaw and New Mexico.

The James - Younger Gang
History of the James-Younger Gang

Old West Living History Foundation
Events, exhibitions and reenactments

Teddy Blues Bunkhouse
An old west reenactor site

The Midi Mule
Midi music, search engine and more...

Old West History. Net
Old west history site


Jim Janke's Old West Page
Best on the net for western related links!

The Mitchell's
Old West links

Way Out West!
A Collection of Old West links

Welcome to the Old West
Old West links

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Slick Slim is a mean old cowboy... that has other interests besides the old west!

Costa Mesa Speedway
Racing Every Sat. Night... Orange County Fairgrounds, Costa Mesa, Calif.

Norco Christian Chruch
Outdoor cowboy services every Sun. 8:30 a.m.

Clanton Family Genealogy
Clanton family genealogy data bases

You are related to the Clanton Gang!
See how by e-mailing Lloyd McDaniel here

Great cartoons by artist Ev Cheney

RAZ Video
Racing video production & sales

Luree's Celebrity Page
Contact your favorite celebrity here

Planet Kilmer
Val Kilmer web-site

Uncle Joe Benson
Los Angeles radio personality and a part-time race car driver

An entertainment industry school with 5,000 students worldwide
who train on-site at major film studios, video production companies,
radio and TV stations, recording studios and record labels.

World Internet Enterprises
Special thanks for all their help with the site!

Ghost Center
Ghost site

Web-site Awards!

Yahoo!"Site of the Week"... June 9, 1997
The Old West was full of numbers. The gold rush saw miners dubbed as
"49ers," the rally cry for northern border skirmishes was "54-40 or
fight!" and, of course, the earliest primetime soap opera was
"Tombstone 85638." If the show were still on today, no doubt it would
star Terry "Ike" Clanton, the current leader of The Notorious Clanton
Gang. His site includes a history of Tombstone, "the town too tough to
die," as well as information on what the gang is up to today. Terry,
er, we mean "Ike," has been carrying the flame of the hard-ridin'
cowboy clan by offering his services as "Old West lecturer, cowboy
poet, motor sports announcer and recording artist." He's even recorded
a book, titled "Wyatt Earp Murdered My Cousin." There's also an
illustrated re-enactment of the famous Gunfight at the OK Corral. The
final numbers on that showdown were: Earps 2, Clantons 0. But, we like
Ike. He's got 'em beat on websites, 1-0.

Worldvillage Family Site of the Day.....Family "Site of the Day"..June 13, 1997

.. Thanks for the Award pard!... August, 1997

May 7, 1998 - Award Net is proud to present "The Notorious Clanton Gang" web site with one of our "Most Prestigious Awards", the "Fam Award".

This award is not given lightly. The web site was thoroughly reviewed/critiqued prior to award consideration. We are pleased to report, your web site received a rating of Excellent in the "Fam Award" category. Well done!!



Your Site has been listed on the People's Choice WebSite 500 and awarded CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award on Friday October 23, 1998.

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