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Howdy Pard... and thanks for joining us on "COWBOY POETRY ONLINE"

As we start this new century with our lives dictated by e-mail and fax machines, it's quite nice to see people who still enjoy the simple things in life like Cowboy Poetry!

Overwhelming would be the best word for the response that COWBOY POETRY ONLINE has generated. Our "COWBOY POET OF THE MONTH" pages have ultimately become the #1 show place on the Internet for cowboy poets to show off their poetic skills. I would like to personally thank each and everyone of you for your continued support.

I have found that cowboy poetry, personal appearances and public speaking engagements are the best way for me to express myself, while also emulating a Clanton Family tradition. Ya see, back in the 1870's, after a long hard day out roundin' up cattle, my families only form of entertainment was to sit around the camp fire at the Clanton Ranch and tell stories, poems, jokes, tall tales, flat out lies and just plain brag. Today, I'm continuing this same family tradition of "Live" entertainment, just with a bigger camp fire!

Remember... in the early West, there we're "NO RULES" or "GUIDE LINES" on how cowboys would tell poems, stories or jokes to entertain folks around a camp fire. As long as you could entertain, that's all that mattered...

"Live" Video Webcast Every Tuesday Night with 'Live" Cowboy Poetry!

But... reciting poetry is like a haircut. If it's good, you feel like a million bucks.
If it's bad, you hide your head under a hat.

Remember... "Away's keep your cinch tight" ...  Terry Ike Clanton

Terry Ike Clanton is available for cowboy poetry gatherings, conventions, parties, western art shows etc.  Please call or e-mail for availability and booking.  E-mail

Terry Ike Clanton's first cowboy poetry album..."THE BARD OF TOMBSTONE" (pictured above left) is historically correct poetry describing the town too tough to die, it's legendary characters, gunfights and more. His first album (available on cassette) IS NOW ON SALE at retail outlets and online  click here

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