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Dearly beloved family and friends, we stand here today in the presence of God, to commit our beloved brother, uncle, and cousin, Joseph Isaac Clanton to the sacred grounds of his beloved Tombstone reuniting him with family and those that loved and knew him best.

Joseph Isaac Clanton a "true" Western legend, deeply loved by family and friends yet, there were those who respected, misunderstood and even feared Ike.  Portrayed as an outlaw cowboy and cattle rustler when in reality he was a businessman. A  businessman who was devoted to family and their survival in the turbulent West.

"Ike" was not a wanted man when he was gunned down and murdered on that fateful  first day of June in Eighteen Eighty Seven.  Ike was buried where he fell at the hand of his killer along Eagle Creek in the Northern territory, a cold and lonely place far removed from his beloved family and Tombstone.  There was no one to take him home.  No one but God.  God, took Ike home to dwell in the house of the Lord forever.  God, forsake Ike of his earthly sins and set his soul free.

Ike was taken from us as a very young man, age forty, at the hand of a cold blooded murderer, and for that there is no justice, no peace, no reparation, no conclusion, only a void created for those of us left to the living.  As we are gathered here today, we celebrate his life, yet we cannot help but to mourn his loss.  In our hearts, you, Joseph Isaac Clanton, will live forever in the hearts of those of us who love you, your
spirit will move us, your laughter make us smile, your memory will comfort us.

As we commit your earthly remains today to this sacred and beloved ground of Tombstone, we ask that your soul rest in peace as you are among family now.  And as God, once asked, "let those amongst us without sin, cast the first stone." (Distant bagpipes begin to play Amazing Grace)  May you be at peace now with God, in his heaven.  May you look down upon those of us who remember and love you, and may God, keep you and bless you with eternal life.  May your legend live on and never be forgotten.  Ashes to ashes and dust to dust...I commit thee, Joseph Isaac Clanton. (Clergy closes Bible and sprinkles dirt on Ike's casket).

Susan R. Smith


Because of the Ike Clanton Clan,I was able to play a very good friend of his in History's past,Because of what he stood for,in those historical times,he set a part in the history of the west as we know it to today, and are striving to understand his,choices in Tombstone's historical,past.out of all the people in the world I got to play for 16years,His side kick,Curlybill,Because of him I had a chance to meet people from all over the planet.If it were not for Ike Clanton there may have not Bin a Tombstone to even,talk about,Never forget,Ike Clanton,Curly Bill,And Ike's San Pedro Cowboys!!!If we could do it all over again,with Ike at my side,It would be done!!!!!so long Cowboy,Curlybill,Gallery of Gunfighters..


Not having known Ike personally I am in no position to do a proper eulogy. But I do want to say may God bless you Ike. You are in a much better place.



History has in the past, before our so called knowledge explosion or high tech access to it. Was very bias, Wanting to either make a hero or a discredited coward of whomever they wished. The writer in those days could make a substantual income by writing what people wanted to hear and the main readers were not even in the west they were east. Ike Clanton made mistakes, I am sure, but who among us hasn't. Ike Clanton deserves a proper burial as the human being, he was and bring a closure for his family's grief.

      sincerely: Gary H


You may have died but u sure havent died in history. You made me want to know more about Tombstone, and its people. Thanks


hey ike, i don't know you at all, but of what the things i have learned about you through history, and might i say that with all that fighting between you guys and wyatt earp and his clan, thanks for making history and thanks for making it  fun!


Ike, you s-o-b, you have ended up being remembered by history as the spineless rat you were known as during your lifetime. It only seems fittin’ that you would be killed in a cowardly manner, and left to rot in a place that was unknown to all who had the unfortunate pleasure of makin’ your acquaintance.

                Ralph Castor  (aka WYATT EARP)


Ike, if you were alive today, you would be embarrassed by the Arizona Cardinals. - Bruce Flanders


“God bless you Ike – You were murdered, buried in a make shift grave in the middle of nowhere, no funeral, no eulogy, and no respect for 115 years. I must tell you that things are changing pard, the truth is finally coming out. We’re still hoping to bring you back to Tombstone someday and give you the funeral and proper burial you deserve, your cuz - Terry Ike Clanton


Ike, t says in the good book"As you sow,so shall ye reap"Well,you been reaped!   - Hank Smith (home page)

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