Hey Sheriff... Watch Out For That Cow!

November 3, 1896 Cochise County electors went to the polls. Joe McCabe, F. E. Cadwell and Scott White were candidates for Sheriff. White was elected.  White was a bicycle addict.  Slaugther went about the county's business on a fine black gelding, Kelton traveled about the 80 by 81 mile county in a buggy drawn by a spanking team (Kelton brought back more prisoners than Slaughter) but White pedaled here and there on his shiny "Wheel".  It was his custom to pedal down to Fairbank, take the train from Fairfank to Huachuca siding, look into affairs in the Fort Huachuca area and then pedal back to Tombstone.  The twenty mile stretch from the Fort to the river was popular as a natural run for bicycles.

During one of these trips the Sheriff ran into a herd of cattle so fascinated by the man and "Wheel" they refused to give ground until two cow-boys Frank Gray and Frank Hand showed up and saved the Sheriff on wheels from bodily injury.

(Special Thanks to the late Sarah Grace Bakarich who wrote this in 1951)

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