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TOMBSTONE,  AZ –  It was 42 degrees on a clear sky morning November 18th 2000, when actor Terry “Ike” Clanton, a descendant of the Clanton’s of OK Corral gunfight fame, successfully led a group of 1880’s style high wheel bicycle riders 10 miles from “Tombstone to Fairbank” during the 7th annual Clanton Days Rendezvous.

“Everyone said I was crazy when I said started organizing a 10 mile high wheel bicycle ride from “Tombstone to Fairbank”, but now that we have successfully made the ride, people have started showing expressed interests in this exciting hobby that’s been around since the 1860’s. We’re already recruiting new high wheel riders, and everyone says they want me to organize another ride” said Terry Ike Clanton.


Joining Terry Ike Clanton (third from left) on this historic ride was Tombstone residents and antique dealers Stephen & Marge Elliott, Big Nose Kate Saloon manager Tim “Whiskers” Ferrick (wearing red coat)  and Bob Grundstrom (far left).  Marge Elliott, the only lady on the ride, rode a 1946 Schwinn two wheeler.

“High wheel bicycle riding is the best kept secret on how to have fun, this is what it’s all about” said Stephen Elliott during the ride.

“I really want to thank everyone that participated on our ground support team and the Tombstone Marshal’s Office, Marshal Paul and Deputy Ralph for their help with a police escort from the OK Corral to Highway 82, this was the one area of the ride I knew would be extremely dangerous without their help” said Clanton.


Beautiful custom belt buckles (pictured above) were made up and presented to the people that rode, “it’s an accomplishment that I’ll always be proud of” said Tim “Whiskers” Ferrick, who crashed twice tuning up for this ride.

Surprisingly the complete 10 mile ride only took 1.5 hours to complete. The group only stopped a couple of times to rest and once for refreshments.

The only rider mishap took place at the end of the ride in the driveway entrance to Fairbank when Stephen Elliott took a header trying to dismount before crossing the cattle guard.  Elliott and his original 1884 Columbia high wheeler went for a tumble, but were brushed off and everything was ok.

“The history of hi wheel bicycle riding in the Old West and Tombstone is really fascinating, I’m just trying to bring back some old fashion fun.” said Clanton. “Tombstone to Fairbank” on a hi wheel bicycle was a popular ride for the 1896 Cochise County Sheriff Scott White, who was called a bicycle addict.  Sheriff White would pedal his shiny “Wheel” all over the county.   It was his custom to pedal from Tombstone to Fairbank, take the train from Fairfank to Huachuca siding, look into affairs in the Fort Huachuca area and then pedal back to Tombstone.  The twenty mile stretch from the Fort to the river was popular as a natural run for bicycles. During one of these trips the Sheriff ran into a herd of cattle so fascinated by the man and "Wheel" they refused to give ground until two cow-boys Frank Gray and Frank Hand showed up and saved the Sheriff on wheels from bodily injury.

Riders who made history
Terry "Ike" Clanton - 1880 Boneshaker Hi Wheel Replica - Norco, CA
Steve Elliott -  1884 Columbia Hi Wheeler - Tombstone AZ
Marge Elliott - 1946 Schwinn (two wheeler)
Tim "Whiskers" Ferrick - 1880 Boneshaker Hi Wheel Replica - Tombstone, AZ
Bob  - 1880 Boneshaker Hi Wheel Replica

Roadside Support Team
Special Thanks to our entire roadside support team and
the Tombstone Marshal's Office

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