What Hollywood never told you, this is what really happened!

By Terry Ike Clanton
A fourth generation cousin of the Clantons involved in this famous confrontation

Gunfight At The OK Corral

Let me take you back to a cold, windy, overcast day, October 26 1881. This is the re-creation of the famous OK Corral Gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona Territory. The way it happened!

Let me set the scene: The night before in the Earps presence, Doc Holliday had a verbal confrontation and began threatening and openly challenging the life of an un-armed Ike Clanton. The next morning Ike Clanton armed himself in self defense and went looking for Hollidayís challenge. Before Ike could find Holliday, Virgil and Morgan Earp snuck up on Ike and buffaloed (pistol whipped) him to the ground. He was taken to court and fined $27.50 for carrying firearms in city limits. To no avail, Ike was claiming self defense, because of Hollidayís threats against his life. Mean time, Ikeís younger brother Billy and Frank McLaury ride into Tombstone to hear of the trouble.

Ike and Billy Clanton, Tom and Frank McLaury and Billy Claiborne are seen outside the Gun shop on Fourth Street. Here Frank McLaury begins to show his anger as he learns that his brother Tom has also been buffaloed by Wyatt Earp for supporting Ike Clantonís claims of self defense.

Meanwhile, the Earps brothers (Wyatt, Morgan and Virgil) are joined in Haffords Saloon by J.H. "Doc" Holliday. This is where Tombstone Chief of Police Virgil Earp committed an injudicious and censurable act. If Virgil Earp really wanted to keep peace as he stated, he would not have asked Doc Holliday, the town gambling drunk and known trouble maker to help him and his brothers disarm the cowboys. Especially when the night before, Virgil witnessed the verbal confrontation between "Doc" and Ike Clanton. It is my opinion that this injudicious act is why the Earps should have been held responsible for the m.urders of my cousin Billy Clanton and the McLaury brothers.

The cowboys gather in a vacant lot behind the OK Corral, between Flys Photo Studio and the Harwood house.

Sheriff Johnny Behan heads down Fremont Street towards the vacant lot where the Cowboys have gathered.

Here Sheriff Johnny Behan converses with the Cowboys. He tells them "I donít want any trouble boys, let me have your weapons." Ike Clanton and Tom McLaury respond and show the Sheriff that they are unarmed. Billy Clanton is armed but tells the Sheriff heís getting ready to leave town. An angry Frank McLaury says, "I ainít given up my weapons till you disarm the Earps, they have been threatening to kill us."

The Confrontation Begins

The Earp brothers and Doc Holliday come walking down Fremont Street. To no avail, Sheriff Johnny Behan tries to stop them from going down to the vacant lot.

The True Distance Of The Fight!

Here the Earps and Doc Holliday confront the four cowboys, only two of the cowboys are armed. Ike Clanton announces he's unarmed and tries to stop any type of confrontation. Tom McLaury opens his vest to show he's not armed. As Virgil Earp verbally tries to calm everything down, Doc Holliday and Morgan Earp murderously open fire on the cowboys. Here in the background, you can see Ike Clanton, still bleeding from the head, running for his life, just as the gunfight begins.

This is only a brief review of what really happened.  See our history section for more indepth history, testimony re-visited and more...

Funeral Reenactment of OK Corral gunfight murder victims on the 125 Anniversary

The original funeral for Billy Clanton and Frank & Tom McLaury took place the on Oct. 27, 1881. They're all buried in Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone.  The slide show above is
the reenactment of this funeral on the 125th Anniversary of the OK Corral gunfight weekend 24-28, 2006.

I would like to thank the Boothill Gunslingers for posing for these pictures. The Boothill Gunslingers are a local Tombstone performance group that provides tourists with gunfight reenactments in the famous OK Corral.

Ike Clanton featured on Discovery Channel's Hit New Series GHOST LAB

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