2003 Clanton Day's Tombstone Ghost Tour
Saturday Night November 15, 2003

Howdy ya'll -
About 50 people joined us this year on our annual Tombstone Ghost Tour in November.
Here are a few photos sent to us in email from the tour. Thanks Ed & Marge.

This photo was also taken at midnight on Nov. 15, 2003, Clanton
Days Ghost walk. It was shot through the right window of the Bird Cage Theater.
 Fatima was a dancer and had this painting (on your left) of her presented to
the Bird Cage Theater. The photo of Fatima on right which has a ghost image
over her was taken through the window. You can see a ghostly blue image in
middle of photo making a 90 degree turn. Above the blue image is another running
to top of photo.  On the wall is a clock, and just below in the lower left-hand corner you
can see the steps that go up to the Bird Cages where the shady ladies worked.
Taken on November 15, 2003.  Ed & Marge Bzovy.


Dec. 1, 2004

i have looked through your website and cam across a photo that was said to be a ghost which in fact it is NOT.  It happens to be a photo of someones arm reflected into the photo...i have attached the photo and outlined the area. Thanks Joyce Sandifer, Michigan

Joyce -

Thanks for sharing your observation with us. We agree with you, this looks like someone's jacket, arm and wrist, not a ghost photo. Thanks again, Ghosts of Tombstone

This photo was taken at midnight on Nov. 15, 2003, Clanton Days
Ghost walk. It was shot through the left window of the Bird Cage Theater with
our digital camera. The white bluish glare and streaks from the window are caused
by the flash reflecting back from a mirror and back lighting the figures.
There appears to be 2-Ghost images on left side of photo walking toward the
camera carrying a sword. I enlarged and cropped the photo see below.
Ed & Marge Bzovy.

Both of these are of the same cropped photo, one in color and the other to
see it better in black & white. The figure on left appears to be a female with a
veil over her head carrying two or three books in her right hand and holding
the lower part of sword with her left arm. The male figure on your right is
supporting the upper part of sword on his right shoulder. He appears to have a
bushy mustache is carrying an open book and  looking at the female. Just above
his head are two fuzzy small ghostlike heads. All the figures in photos seem
to be wearing costumes from the Shakespearean period as though they were
preforming in a play at the Bird Cage Theater. The females blouse and skirt are
highly embroidered.

November 15, 2003.  Ed & Marge Bzovy.

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