2002 Clanton Day's Tombstone Ghost Tour
Saturday Night November 16, 2002 - On a Full Moon Night

Believers, non-believers and skeptics, all had a good time walking the
streets of Tombstone on a full moon night. Above the group stops in
front of Nellie Cashmans Restaurant on fifth Street.

Holly smokes! - our first Tombstone ghost tour definitely caught something on film!
Is this a ghost?, or a reflection off the window from the flash?  The photo was taken through the
window of Nellie Cashmans Restaurant with an advantix film camera.

Important Question:  If you think it's a flash reflection off the glass window, why didn't the photo
below at the Schieffelin Hall have the same type of reflection? It was shot through the window exactly
the same way, using the same camera and flash!

- This is also the only photo on the entire roll that looks like this.

Angel (center) concentrating on her personal crystal, which she
says picks up spiritual activity. The group is behind the OK Corral,
the actual location of the famous Earp - Clanton gunfight in Tombstone in 1881.

While standing out in front of the Schieffelin Hall, the entire group heard what sounded
like chains rattling. First they sounded like they were coming from around the corner of the
building, then they sounded like they were coming from inside the building. Some folks said it
sounded like spurs, I personally thought it sounded like chains rattling. This photo of inside the hall
was taken through the window like the Nellie Cashmans photo above. Nothing seems
to appear in this photo, but we were certainly hearing noises at the time it was taken.

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