Lurking Boot Hill Ghosts

Dear Ike,

Here is a picture that was taken at the Boothill Graveyard around closing time. There was no one else in the graveyard at the time of this photo, my friend and I were the last ones there.  My friend then decided to leave me in there alone. She wanted me to fill what it was like to be in Boothill with no one else around me, she said it is a real experience to be in there by yourself.  So I said OK, not knowing what to expect. I was in there for about another 10 minutes  and snapped a few more pictures around the area exiting the graveyard.  At this time I remind you that I was the only one in there at that time. During that time I thought I heard someone walking in there with me, knowing that was not possible I snapped a couple more pictures and left to meet my friend in the store where her and her two children waited for me.  When we arrived home we did our ritual downloading of pictures to the computer and here is what came up in one of the photos I took when I was in there alone.  If you look to the left I the images are enclosed in yellow. There is one image which looks like a shadow person standing right in the bushes with the feet not appearing nor any other features that stand out but that of a dark silhouette. The image also appears to be a wearing a hat and that of a tall male.  The other image is located a little further left. This image seems to be peeking through the bushes in a bent over stance. The image appears to have long hair, and also appears to be that of a man.   We thought this was a very interesting photo, please let us know what you think of it. We have several other images that appear to have something in them but we wanted to share this one with you first.

Juanita and Candi
Fort Huachuca, AZ

Thanks for sharing your photo with us.  Boot Hill Graveyard continues to amaze everyone. Yes, we can clearly see what appears to be a figure where you circled. Before we re-sized it for the web site it was more pronounced. The figure towards the middle is a lot easier to make out. The posture of the figure intrigues us the most. It will be interesting to see what others think.     

We continue to receive photos from all around the Tombstone area, but it seems Boot Hill Graveyard and Birdcage Theatre produce the most interesting photos. Why?

Personal experiences like yours make you really sit back and think. Thanks again for sharing.

Happy Hauntings, "Ghost Photos From Around The World"

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