Crystal Palace Saloon Ghost

A Ghost in the Crystal Palace Saloon?

This strange and erie photo was sent in by a tourist that visited Tombstone. The photo was taken inside the famous Crystal Palace Saloon. For some odd reason the man third from the left is being singled out by a strange and almost Erie blue light source. The Crystal Palace does not have a sky light or any windows that would generate this type of light.

The Ghost Makes Another Appearance?

This photo was taken inside the Crystal Palace in August of 1999.  It was taken by my friend Pat Holmes.  We go to Tombstone quite often (we live in Mesa).  There were other pictures taken at the same time but this is the only one that looks like this.  We didn't think much about it until we saw your site.  Maybe we got the ghost and didn't know it!  Wish I had actually SEEN it!   Jo

Jo -

Thank you for e-mailing us this photo.  Again we find this is very interesting that this light source is coming from the ceiling which has no sky light or spot lights that would create this type of reflection. The most incredible thing about this photo is... the beam of light seems to bend, which means it's not a beam of light!!!!  In this photo nobody is being singled out, the light source seems to fade into the mirror, it will be interesting to find out what others think of this photo?

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