Boothill Ghosts?

Boothill Graveyard was opened in Tombstone Arizona in 1879.  Most of it's occupants suffered violent or un-expected deaths with their boots on, this is the reason why the early pioneers named it Boothill. Some people believe that ghosts are spirits of people that died unexpectedly, violently, and/or at the hands of others, gunfights, hangings, etc.

Boothill Graveyard Ghosts?

OK... here we go, we'll start ya off easy!

These first two pictures were sent to the Boothill Graveyard Gift Shop by a tourist from California. A gentlemen was taking pictures of his children standing next to the grave marker of Billy Clanton, Tom & Frank McLaury, who were violently murdered in the famous OK Corral gunfight.


Interesting facts:. This is a wooden grave marker with no reflective material on it!.. Judging by the shadows off of the bushes, the sun appears to be going down in the background, making it almost impossible for this kind of reflection on the camera lens. The gentlemen that took this picture said... this was the only two pictures on the roll that came out like this!

What do you think... Is this a ghost? or some kind of reflection off of the camera lens?

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