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Boothill Graveyard was opened in Tombstone Arizona in 1879.  Most of it's occupants suffered violent or un-expected deaths with their boots on, this is the reason why the early pioneers named it Boothill. Some people believe that ghosts are spirits of people that died unexpectedly, violently, and/or at the hands of others, gunfights, hangings, etc.  Whether this is your belief or  not, PLEASE LET ME WARN YOU...the following photos are not only strange and unexplainable even to paranormal experts, they can be down right scary!!


This is the photo that changed my opinion about ghost photo's!! I personally shot this photograph of my friend in Boothill Graveyard... We had it developed at Thrifty Drug Store and no one tampered with it! The picture was shot in black & white, because my friend wanted old west looking pictures of himself dressed up in my 1880 period clothes. All I can say is... "I know their was no other person in this photograph when I shot it, especially some guy holding a knife! Thats right folks, if you look carefully the person in the background appears to be holding a knife!"

Look just to the right of my friend and you'll see a person which appears to have no legs or is coming out of a grave! Some people think it looks like a little boy, some say an old man, or even an old lady, what do you think?

Interesting facts:.. Boothill Graveyard appears to be really over grown in this photo. Two weeks after this photo was shot we re-staged the photo by lining up two people in both positions. When we did this... you could clearly see the legs of the person standing in the back. The bushes in Boothill are not so thick that you can't see through them. And once again, this IS NOTa staged photo, or designed by the computer, the figure in the background also appears on the negative.

I don't know about you... but the blown up image of this unexplained figure holding the knife gives most people the chills!!

If you're not convinced that something is weird here, look at my friends shadow in the photo above, it appears to be going back slightly to the right of him. The figure in the back should have the same shadow, but it doesn't!

Can you see the knife? We thought this was a tie at first, but after further review, it appears to be a knife!  The knife is in a vertical position, the tip is located just below the figures right collar, can you see it?

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July 5, 2004


I am purely the "novice" in terms of psychic abilities.  However, with age, I find my predicitions and "feelings" becoming more clear and accurate.  I rarely share my abilities with anyone other than family and friends, but after viewing this photo, I was compelled to share what I know.

I knew right away this photo was genuine and you can be sure the apparition photographed is that of a young man.  Much like the opinion posted, I feel the young man is not angry.  He's a young man who died of natural causes, perhaps even accidental death.  Yet, he's searching.  Believe it or not, he's still looking for an animal.  It could be a dog or livestock, but I believe it is most likely his horse.  He just wants his horse back.

Thanks for the viewing.

What the psychics say...

Dec. 3, 2004

Dear Ike,

the picture of your friend on Boothill has haunted me for over
four years. I'm not sure why the ghost in the picture made an appearance
but I have the feeling it may have something to do with the outfit your
friend is wearing. I am very psychic. You are right, the ghost is
holding a knife. If you look at the shadow below the knife you will see
the bottom of the blade, part of the handle and his fingers. I believe
in life this man came from Texas (in a hurry) if you know what I mean.
He was a gambler, horse thief, a cheat and just no good. He was the kind
of person who didn't trust anyone. And he didn't have many friends. He
lived in the heyday of Tombstone. He was the kind of person that would
hide in the shadows of night. You will notice he is wearing a poncho. He
used this poncho in life to hide his knife under it. He was known for
this knife. He was a small man, thin and around 5'9" tall. I also think
he was killed in a card game because he was cheating. His life was
nothing he could be proud of.  Was he evil? He had a heart as black as
tar. Could you let me know what you think of how I feel about this

Thank you so much for your time.                         God Bless You.
J. in Utah


May 16, 2000

Dear Ike;

Thank you for allowing me to take your ghost picture to my parapsychology
group.  It made for interesting viewing.  The psychics that viewed it had no
other info other than I assured them that it was not a manufactured picture.
Without fail, they all said it was a man, about in the 1930s, he is part, about
1/2,American Indian( Cherokee came in very strong).  This spirit means
no harm, and basically got captured on film, as he was being curious about
what was going on.  Sometimes when conditions are right, the other dimension
can be captured on film.  It was felt that had other photos been taken at
that exact time, at Boothill, other entities would probably also have been
present.  It is a benign spirit that has no purpose other than to "be in the
picture".  All agreed that it was a very neat picture to have.  Keep up the
ghost snaps, we're watching!!  Anyone else who would like psychic
interpretations of their ghost pics, or readings, feel free to ask.......

Blessing, Balance, and Love,


Dear Blue Star -

Thank you for the interesting comments about the Boothill photo.  I'm
happy to hear that the psychic's that looked at the photo said it was not evil,
however, I still feel that the object the person (ghost)  is holding looks like a knife
and that makes me a little nervous.  It will now be interesting to hear from other
psyhics and/or parapsychology groups on the Internet to see what they come up with.

Psychic's or group comments, please email your comments by clicking here

         "Always keep your cinch tight"   Ike

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