Margarita's Ghost?

Dear Mr. Clanton, I took this picture near Christmas with my family. We were just taking snapshots of different gravestones. This is the only one that turned up wierd. It is very hard to see from this picture distance, but if you look by the cactus in the upper right corner, you will see a womans face looking at the camera. I have studied the face and have concluded that it was Margarita herself. I hope you find this interesting.

Thanks for sharing your photo with us. We enlarged it 200% to see if we could get a better view of what you're seeing in your photograph. Expanding our imagination in the left (black) circle you drew, we could sort of see the left side of a womans face, and it looks like shes wearing an old time hat.  But this might be a case of making faces out of the clouds. Who knows, maybe others we'll clearly see what you see.

But hey, we did however see what appears to look like a skull or persons face on the right side of the photo. We circled it in red so you can clearly see what were talking about.

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