The Snow Ghost


In 1996, on a very rare snow covered day in Tombstone, I personally took this photo of the parking lot and fence of Boothill. The sun was shining in the background lighting up the Dragoon mountains which I was trying to capture in this photo. From the entrance to the parking lot, I opened up the car door and snapped the picture.

This photo is interesting for a few different reasons...

First, there appears to be some sort of black energy coming from the left side of the photo. Now look in the center of the photo and you'll see what appears to look like two figures. Can you see them?  It almost looks like an adult handing something to a child or an animal. Isn't it funny how the snow is completely blacking out the smaller figure to the left. There is nothing along the fence in that shape, so what is it? and how come it doesn't have snow on it?. As someone pointed out in our ghostly discussion form, another figure also looks to be leaning against the fence on the right side of the photo, next to the building.

Now for the another strange fact... Buried on the other side of the fence (within ten feet) from where the ghostly figures are my cousins, Newman Haynes "Old Man" Clanton, Billy Clanton, and the Mclaury brothers.

Once again, I took this photo personally, and I did not see these figures when I snapped the picture. I can also promise you, it was not staged, and the photo has not been tampered with!

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