Theatre Ghost Reappears

Terry Ike:

        I took some pictures while inside the Bird Cage.  I was visiting there this week, Monday,
September 16 2003.  I was hoping to possibly capture one of the many supposed ghosts in the theater.
When I looked at my photos yesterday, I was dissapointed that I had not captured anything -- then
I looked more closesly at this one.  I see a streak of light on the left side, something perhaps similar
in front of the man and woman near the piano, and perhaps a ghostly blur on the right side of the photo. I used
my little Canon Elph Jr, in panoramic mode, Fuji APS film, 800 ASA film speed.  What is your opinion?  Did I
capture a ghost image?

    Read the artilce in the Harper Magazine by the way.  I felt you did a good job of defending the Clantons.  I don't
feel that any of the participants at the OK Corral gun fight were exactly law-abiding citizens though.

Mike Savin

Howdy Mike -

Thank for sharing your photo with us.  The Bird Cage is one of the most haunted places in Tombstone. Your ghost photo is very simpler to other ghost photos taken inside the Bird Cage.  In fact, almost exactly like one of the other photos we have posted on this site.  Same location in the building and everything. Same ghost reappearing?  See the other photo here

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