2004 Clanton Day's Tombstone Ghost Tour
Saturday Night November 20, 2004

I would like to thank everyone who came out to join us, it was another amazing night of ghost hunting. Special thanks to Angel, Vicky Flanders and her mother for providing their parapsychology abilities. I'm not sure if it's my family connection to Tombstone or what, but my Sony digital camera captured quite a few paranormal photos again this year. What amazed me the most was the fact that strange energy only appeared in the photos on the Ghost Tour on Saturday night. I took quite a few photos of the Rendezvous itself, but nothing strange appeared on those photos. Next November will do it all again so don't miss it.  Happy Hauntings, Ike

Vicky Flanders , a member of the parapsychology
Association of Riverside California, prepares everyone for the annual
Tombstone Walking Ghost Tour. She tells the group that everyone has the power
to experience a ghost, you just have to let yourself open up and no be afraid.

First stop on the annual Ghost Tour was the famous
Bird Cage Threatre on Allen Street. Look carefully in the bottom
left corner and you'll see the paranormal activity already starting! (an orb)

Digital Photo by Ike Clanton

It's aproximently 11:50 pm on Saturday night November 20, 2004.  The tour group is walking behind the famous Bird Cage Theatre when I snapped this photo.

Orbs are all over the photo with a strong grouping of orbs that appear as a mist in the upper left hand corner of the photo.   Below this orb grouping is the spot Curly Bill Brocius accidentlally shot Tombstone Marshal Fred White on October 27, 1880.  Marshal white died a couple days later from this shooting.  I simply named this photo the "Ghost of Marshal White", but you never know it could be?

Take a look at the skeleton looking hands on the back of a guys black shirt or sweater front and center.  The hands appear to pointing out the brightest orb on the photo, as if they're saying... it's Showtime!

An alien type face also appears in the lower right corner of this mans black shirt.

After further investigation, this guys shirt appears to have the same hand prints on the photo above while looking in the window of the Bird Cage, so thiers a good chance the hands are printed on his shirt, but we're still not sure.

Digital Photo by Ike Clanton

The second stop was the basement of Big Nose Kates Saloon.  Look in the center of
the door that leads into Toughnut Mine and you'll see a pretty good size orb.
Is this the Swamper?

Vicky Flanders, concentrates as  she tells the group
she smells ladies perfume in front of C.S. Flys Photo Studio.

Digital Photo by Ike Clanton

Now this is interesting.  A women stays behind the group to try and capture a ghost
photo on her digital camera.  But the ghost she's trying to capture is right behind her!
Look behind the women and you'll see an orb.

This is the location of the famous OK Corral gunfight that took place October 26, 1881 at approximently 2:30 p.m.

Join us next November for our annual Clanton Days Tombstone Ghost Tour.  Our ghostly tours continue to make believers out of skeptics, this year was no different.

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