Smoking Gun Ghost
(Discredited & Explained)

My brother was vacationing in Tombstone, AZ.  He was sitting in Big Nose Kate's and was just taking pictures of the interior.  When he developed this film he discovered that this picture had an apparition of a smoking gun held by a ghostly arm.  He did not attend any gun fight shows so this couldn't be a double exposure.  The arm and gun cast a shadow on the ladies at the bar behind it. The leg of the shooter at the lower left corner is transparent.

 A very strange photograph I thought I would share with your web site, Ted Seagraves

Email message discredits ghost photo:  

Ted -

Hate to burst your bubble on the Smoking Gun photo, but if you look at the Helldorado orb photo you'll notice that there is a 'cowboy cutout' holding a gun behind the John Wayne poster. Maybe they have a smoke machine in the gun or maybe someone was holding a cigarette behind the gun in the Smoking Gun photo! This is definately the same arm!


Kerrie -

You are absolutely right!  After further review, we agree with you, the smoking gun photo above is NOT a ghost photo, it's a photo of card board cut out!  If you look close we actually think the smoke is also part of the cut out. You can clearly see the card board cut out in the Helldorado orb photo now posted below.

Thank you, we appreciate your observation and explanation, the Ghosts of Tombstone



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