Running Orb

Dear Ike:

My husband took this photo inside the Bird Cage in August, 2003.  As you can see, there is what looks almost like a laser beam streaking across the lower left corner.  It appears to be traveling from the stage, bending around corners, splitting itself around a solid object, and running out the door.   Of course, laser beams do not bend around corners.  For lack of a better description, we call it a 'running' orb.

The photo was taken on 200 speed 35mm film.  Other photos on the same roll show no anomalies.


Sincerely yours,  Gayle Martin

Gayle -

Thanks for sending us your running orb photo. Yes, we to find the laser beam type light very strange as well. You're absolutely right, beams of light don't turn corners like this, strange, very strange, but not for one of the most haunted buildings in Tombstone. Check out one of the ghost photos we have posted from the Crytsal Palace Saloon and you'll see another beam of light that turns and comes out of the mirror behind the bar.

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