Ghost of Marshal White

All kinds of paranormal energy is found in this photo shot during the 11th annual Clanton Days Ghost Tour in Tombstone.  It's aproximently 11:50 pm on Saturday night November 20, 2004.  The tour group is walking behind the famous Bird Cage Theatre when I snapped this photo.

Orbs are all over the photo with a strong grouping of orbs that appear as a mist in the upper left hand corner of the photo.   Below this orb grouping is the spot Curly Bill Brocius accidentlally shot Tombstone Marshal Fred White on October 27, 1880.  Marshal white died a couple days later from this shooting.  I simply named this photo the "Ghost of Marshal White", but you never know it could be?

Take a look at the skeleton looking hands on the back of a guys black shirt or sweater front and center.  The hands appear to pointing out the brightest orb on the photo, as if they're saying... it's Showtime!

An alien type face also appears in the lower right corner of this mans black shirt.

Join us next November for our annual Clanton Days Tombstone Ghost Tour.  Our ghostly tours continue to make believers out of skeptics, this year was no different.    

Enjoy & Happy Hauntings, Ike

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