Hooded Ghost

My daughter took this picture at Boothill on March 17, 2005.  You can see a man to the left of the photo. Next to this man is what appears to be an oriental woman that my 10 year old distinctly does not recall seeing when she snapped this digital photo.  When we zoomed in, we noticed that you cannot see a face nor legs or hands to this "person".  Also we could not find a shadow from this figure.  What do you think?  You can also see an orb above the grave marker.    Thanks,   Julie

Julie -

This is a VERY interesting ghost photo indeed. It's very simplar to some others we have seen in the past in Boothill Graveyard. Yes, the figure appears to have no shadow. You can see the shadow from the bushes directly in front of the figure in question, however theirs no shadow coming from the figure. It certainly could be an oriental woman, but it could also be a short male with a hooded jacket on. It's this kind of photo that really makes you stop and wonder!   

Thanks for sharing your photo with us, Ghosts of Tombstone

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