My daughter and I came back from a trip to Tombstone yesterday. We spent some time in the Boothill graveyard. I took quite a few pictures.  My daughter kept having some pre-occupation with the bushes, kneeling down and looking for something. I asked her quite frequently, what are you doing?,
what are you looking at. Did you drop some money or something? She always replied , ummmm nothing.
 Well I was looking over all of the pictures I took and this is the only one that jumped out at me when I looked at it. I highlighted it so you can see what I am talking about. There seems to be a face, with eyes, nose, mouth, and you can clearly see a hand with fingers and finger nails, looking closer you can see an elbow and it appears the hand is on top of some branch, and this thing is peering past the branch or moving it out of its way. Maybe this is what my daughter saw. Looks like a little hellboy. What do you think?

I'm not sure if I see what you call "Hellboy" within your enlarged insert.  I did find what appears to be the face of a boy with his eyes closed, nose, mouth, chin, (lower right).

Interesting photo, thanks for sharing it with us.

Happy Hauntings, "Ghosts Of Tombstone"

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