Hearse Ghost


I was just looking at your site when I came to the picture of the Bird Cage Theatre Ghost Photos 'One of the most haunted places'.  This picture is of the Black Miriah Hearse. My attention was imediately drawn to the figure of a woman at the back of the hearse.  It looks likes shes holding a bag or something, I don't really know..

what do you think??   Jon Sadler

Jon -

Thanks for sharing your photo with us.  Lot's of paranormal activity has been reported around the Black Miriah hearse.  Yes, we can faintly see the figure of a woman, blouse, skirt, both of here arms, but to us it looks like she has her right hand in her skirt pocket.  The image seems to disappear up towards her head and face.

Interesting photo, thanks again for sharing it with us, The Ghosts of Tombstone. 

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