Graduation Ghosts

Hello Ike:

Once again, my camera acts up in Tombstone!

My husband and I were invited to attend our friend's daughter's graduation from Tombstone High School, in May 2005.

I took these two photos on Allen Street, near 6th Street, right next to the high school tennis courts.  This location is caddy-corner from the Bird Cage Theatre.

As you can see, we have several beams of light bending in different directions.  All other photos on this roll turned out normally.

Gayle Martin

Gayle -

Thanks for sharing your photos with us. Yes, weird things happen to photos in Tombstone!  These two photos are very strange indeed. The bending of the light source is what makes them interesting.  The light source looks very similar to some other photos we have posted from the Crystal Palace Saloon.

Happy Hauntings, Ike

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