Fatima Ghost?

I've had this picture sitting around for a couple yrs now, not being a ghost believer, I've never done anything with it, but alway's coming back to it.  My husband & I visited Tombstone Az.  strickly for the life & times of Wyatt Earp, and look what we brought back home with us, it is a picture of Fatima hanging on the wall at the Bird Cage Theater and it is very apparent the head and the face 2 eye's, a nose & a opened mouth looking back at me,but not really there, and yes we did go back and try to recapture it by doing everything the same but it never came thru again. The face is centered pretty much in the middle of the picture.  There is a head shape with a very apparent face, 2 eye's, a nose, & a opened mouth.  Please write back & let me know if you can see it. Almost 2 yr's later I am finally ready to let other's see it and hopefully get feed back, this is a whole new game to me. Very creepy for me never been open to this stuff before.

Birdi Brennan

Birdi -

Thank you for sending us your photo of Fatima. I'm not quite sure I see what you do, however that's not to say others won't.  The painting of Fatima is kind of a shiny finish, so what you're seeing is the flash reflection. Within the flash this is what we see.  Look directly left of the little guy playing the guitar and you'll see what appears to be a woman wearing a fancy dress and a flat brim style hat. We have cut this out and pasted it below.

Is this a case of making faces out of the clouds? Probably. Could it be another ghost making an appearance? You never know, the Bird Cage is one of the most haunted places in Tombstone. It will be interesting to see what others see in your photo?   Thanks again, Ghosts of Tombstone

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